Yetunde Macaulay is a highly responsible lady who has 100% passion for human life transformation, her work and national development.  She is an excellent administrator with skills and interest in Human Development, Ideation (whether for business or social ventures), ICT and national development.  She is a facilitator of learning with great love for people development; she is encouraging people to create, and supporting them with life, business and ICT skills required to grow and sustain their creations. She believes that great respect for human life is an essential tool required for business growth, national development and world peace.

Yetunde holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration earned from Lagos State University (LASU), a Certificate in Creative New Media from the School Of Media & Communication (Pan-Atlantic University), various certificates on Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Social Media Management from reputable institutions and platforms, and has served as volunteer on many social projects.

Yetunde is dynamic, multi-talented, highly responsible, emotionally intelligent, creative and very supportive in all roles ever played.  She lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria educating youths (and woman) on the subject of tech, wealth and wellness.  Her work is focused on promoting the United Nations sustainable development goal 4.

Yetunde is the founder and Senior Team Lead at MyDreamConnect, currently serving as the Director of Business and Corporate Development.



Ada Abubakar is an Administrative Officer with the Federal Character Commission. He is a graduate of the University of Benin, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Languages.  Abubakar is a counselor and public speaker with a drive to create goal oriented young people through effective mentorship and guidance.

Abu is also a creative writer with trainings in leadership, human resource management and radio broadcasting. He is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive energy to influence others to succeed.  In his free time, Ada Abubakar volunteers as a French language instructor. His hobbies include writing, reading and teaching.

Abubakar is inspired by his family and local church.

Abubakar currently serves as the Director of Programs at MyDreamConnect.


Olamide is a strong-willed, supportive, and modest woman who makes tireless efforts to have a positive impact in the lives of those she come across through her unending show of love and care towards humanity.  She is business oriented and passionate about creativity. She is a graduate of Ogun State Institute of Technology where she obtained her Higher National Diploma in Business Administration and Management Studies.

Olamide is disciplined, accommodating and a good listener who believes everyone has a role to play in this world and should be given the opportunity to display their potentials. In her spare time, she dedicates her self into becoming a professional fashion designer.  She loves reading and teaching, and strongly believes that good home training/upbringing of children determines the kind of citizens they become.

Her love for children and teenager’s mental and spiritual growth inspired her volunteering as a teacher in her local church.  She lives and work in Lagos.  And desires to see a better, poised and Godfearing generation of upcoming leaders.

Olamide currently serves as the Administrative Unit Head at MyDreamConnect.



Joan Iriri, is a strong, compassionate and poise young woman who relies solely on her intuition to guide her as she navigates life by gaining consciousness and maturity she has a strong passion for bringing out the best in people and giving them a sense of direction through her tender, subtle and shimmering way of communication, composure and expression. She is a very skilled and talented fashion designer with expertise in leather accessories for the production of shoes and bags. She is also an actor, director and script writer with a BSC in theatre arts and movies production.

Joan is positive minded and always ready to put in the work. She believes strongly in the law of reciprocal actions, the law of attraction and the law of gravity and this helps her evidently in all areas of her life. She treats and responds to everyone with love and respect as she believes that respect plays a vital role in the development of humans, because if we respect each other, there would be no need for greed.

She lives and works in Lagos Nigeria, where she was born and bred. She is currently completing her National youth service Corp and is looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm.

Joan served briefly as an intern in the Programs Unit of MyDreamConnect