Be Happy And Experience Less Stress.

When you choose to live, choose an amazingly passionate and reliable life with FREEDOM mentality. I’m sure you will ask why this statement?

Here’s my WHY; God gave us all FREEDOM to express and experience. Through passion you will learn so much, and through challenges you grow so much. An individual feeling to old for purpose is definitely not going to enjoy a truly full life but with FREEDOM MENTALITY your youthfulness can show, then you can learn, grow and continue to prosper in all areas of your life.

Some positive qualities often associated with youth are freedom, happiness, and less stress not because of age but the mind; though these traits are associated with youth, they are not confined to a specific age group, but with the right attitude, youthfulness can be maintained throughout our lives. Youth is actually associated with less stress and more freedom, but that does not mean it is stress-free. Youth means that there is less stress because everything seems so far away, but if you take just a bit of time to prepare for the future first in your mind then in reality, the amount of stress over time decreases.

Sincerely being young is about living for the moment that prepares you for the future, youthful age is described as a time of vigour and strength, which means youthfulness is associated with vigour and strength that is expected to qualify one for great exploits that can guarantee happiness in the now and in the future.  You know that feeling you have when you have successfully accomplished a task that gives you an assurance of rest to a great extent – that’s what I am talking about.  So no matter how late you think you are starting NOW, just start with your youthfulness in mind, it helps you work better, smarter, and without the fear of losing your life – you just do it because it is fun to do.  Amazingly, my grandmother died recently at 98 still feeling young and with her set of complete white teeth, her sight perfect, able to walk well (though not veeery fast but faster than I expected), and able to take care of herself without much help – that’s one thing being free in your mind and doing whatever you need to do per time offers anyone. You live well without worries.

Knowing all the above, I want to encourage you to celebrate your uniqueness, celebrate who you are, where you are currently and mind your job – which is to masterfully be who you should be. Because if you stand in your truth and celebrate who you are, you give others the freedom to do the same.

So, here’s my own little big way of TAKING ACTION towards being me.

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You’re amazing and I see you advancing beyond your now!

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