MyDreamConnect is a social enterprise committed to coaching leaders to thrive through her holistic programs on wealth and wellness education (teaching life management skills, creative skills & business management skills).

We are driven daily to serve because of our interest in providing quality lasting solutions to societal problems through human capital development.  Our CORE VALUES are

* Reverence for life (great respect for human life)
* Mindfulness
* Creative Thinking
* Personal Responsibility
* Clarity (quality of being expressed clearly)
* Charity (love and kindness devoid of selfishness)
* Customer Happiness

We have a VISION to raise people who have knowledge, understanding and the faith required to build anything admirable. We are working tirelessly to become an institution recognized for being creative, entrepreneurial, and committed to corporate social responsibility. We want to be known for the positive development of our people.

As a social entrepreneur, the TEAM LEAD has great love for young innovators and that is why she works as a Youth Life Skills Development Specialist to encourage young people to create, and support them with life, business and ICT skills required to grow and sustain their creations.  Over the years, she has acquired skills to serve others in areas of Administration, Emotional Intelligence, Digital Media/Internet Marketing and Business Development.  She is a hands-on trainer.

Our MISSION as a team is to create platforms capable of empowering communities of talented and motivated people who will create and nurture great ideas worldwide.

Our WORK is promoting the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 1, 4 & 17.